Secure your right to VOTE on tolling our freeways!

80% of Metro-area Oregonians oppose freeway tolls!


The Oregon Legislature didn't hear you when voters said they oppose paying freeway tolls. Instead, politicians passed a transportation bill that opens the door to tolling every freeway system in the Portland-Metro area.  IP 10 is your chance to say NO to tolling our EXISTING freeways without a vote of the people.

Not only should this issue matter to those Oregonians who live in the tolling impact zones, but every Oregonian will feel the price of tolls in the form of higher costs of groceries, goods, and services when commercial trucks pay the tolls before reaching their destinations in Oregon.

IP10 - A Statewide Ballot Measure


So that you can vote on tolling, we need 149,360 registered Oregon voters to sign an official petition before June, 2020.  We are committed to letting you vote on tolls, but we can't do it without you.

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Petitions don't sign themselves. We need all hands on deck to give voters the opportunity to vote on freeway tolls that could cost families thousands of dollars every year.

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Help us get IP 10 to the ballot for the November, 2020 General Election. 

Your contribution of $50 per person/$100 per taxpaying couple, could qualify for Oregon's political tax credit.

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