Use your Oregon Political Tax Credit and help us get IP-10 to the ballot!


Did you know - Oregon has a political tax credit! Use it to help us get IP-10 to the ballot.

The Oregon tax system allows most Oregon voters a political tax credit. This is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit you can take once per year on your state tax return.

By donating $50 per person/$100 per taxpaying couple for individuals earning less than $100K (single filer) or $200K (joint filer) - you can use this tax credit to reduce your taxable income to the State of Oregon.

This means if you qualify to use the tax credit, it won't cost you to help our campaign.

Your contribution will help us:

* Pay for booth space at community events.

* Mail petition kits across Oregon.

* Pay for ads to promote our Facebook Page.

* Help us gather the 149,360 signatures we need to get IP-10 to the ballot.

Make a Donation today, so we can let voters vote on tolls!

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Make a secure contribution online

No Credit Card? No Problem.


You can also send your political tax credit via Check!

Please mail your contribution to:

Tolls Need Voter Approval PAC

2570 Greenwood Road S.
Independence, OR 97351

Please be sure to include your Employer and Occupation information, as well as a phone number where we can reach you if we have questions.  Oregon's campaign finance laws require us to collect employer information.