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What is IP-10?

Initiative Petition 10 is an Oregon ballot measure that if successful, will let Oregon voters vote on whether or not the state should toll our EXISTING freeways.

Why are petitioners gathering signatures?

In 2017, the Oregon Legislature passed a law that would begin the implementation of freeway tolls starting in the Portland-Metro area.  While the thought is to start with I-205 at the Abernathy Bridge and I-5 in the Rose Quarter, the vision of a group of politicians who support tolls is that someday, all of our Metro-area freeways will be in a tolled system, potentially costing drivers thousands of dollars in user fees, on top of a high-cost, state gas tax.

IP-10 Petitioners State Rep. Mike Nearman, former State Rep. Julie Parrish, and Gladstone Planning Commissioner Les Poole are gathering signatures to get this to the 2020 ballot because they believe you should have a say on such a critical change to our transportation infrastructure.

How does IP-10 Work?

The ballot measure as proposed would require a majority vote of the citizens of Oregon if the state tries to implement a toll or user fee on personal vehicles, recreational vehicles, or commercial trucks which use the EXISTING freeway infrastructure. 

It also allows for tolling without a vote of the people when the toll or fee revenue is specifically used to build new freeway capacity. We've excluded rail and marine fees, and IP-10 is retroactive to January of 2018.

-- From the Vote On Tolls Act of 2020

"No personal or recreational vehicle, or commercial truck usage, of transportation infrastructure in Oregon may be subject to any transportation fee or toll, unless ... approved by both a majority of voters in the state and a majority of voters in each county in which the fee or toll applies."      

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