IP-10 & Tolling in the News


ODOT Considers tolling 7-mile stretch of Interstate 5 through Downtown 

KATU, 11/29/18

Oregon Will Seek Tolls on I-5, I-205; Study Tolling on All Metro Highways

"Two Republican state lawmakers are hoping to stop ODOT in its tracks, and send the tolling issue to voters. State Reps. Julie Parrish and Mike Nearman are leading a plan to require all Oregonians to approve the metro tolling plan. The ballot proposal would require that a majority of all state voters and a majority of voters in each county subject to tolls sign off on the plan. The ballot initiative would mandate all toll revenue go to “net new capacity” for cars and trucks, with no mention of public transit. Backers hope to put the issue on the 2020 ballot."

The Oregonian,  8/16/2018